Avoid scammers
Avoid scammers

Nowadays, with the aid of internet almost anyone can find information about roulette systems, methods and strategies. However, not all the information is true.

The newcomers roulette players normally are attracted by stories about people that wins thousands and thousands of money playing at casinos. After heard that stories, the newcomers search for information, subscribe to all kind of forums, and read all about roulette systems. They waste a lot of time to finally discover that the stories about roulette are not more that a fairy tale.

People who has the intention of beat the roulette is saturated with so much information. This makes impossible to distinguish the real and fake information.

If you are looking for a miracle roulette system you should take into account some important points:

  • The payments of the roulette does not correspond to the probability of winning. For example: One straight bet (one number) pays 1 to 35, however the real probability is 1 to 36 for European and 1 to 37 for American roulette. Casino has an enormous advantage.
  • It has been mathematically proved that the probabilities of doubling your money by playing roulette are less than 10% . If someone wants to assure profits, he or she should stop playing after winning about 10% of 15% of the initial investment*. This point will be analyzed in deep in next posts.

This means that it is possible to win, but it is not easy. So, a very careful strategy must be used.


Four main points to identify a scammer:

  1. 1. “I have been working on my method for years, I spent a lot of money and time to finally beat the roulette. That’s why I charge for the method”. That means: “I have spent a lot of money to finally recover part of the total amount, so if I tell you how to moderate win money playing the roulette and charge for it, maybe I can recover all my investment”.
  2. If someone has an ultimate method to beat the roulette, that person simply has to play roulette with his method to make money. If the system works there should not be the need of selling that method.
  3. Sometimes it is offered a free method to try. Then, you try and fail, and then they say that you need to pay to obtain fully methods. Finally, you buy the full version and it also fails.
  4. I have a software to beat the roulette. It works perfectly, I make a lot of money. However if you want it you should pay for it.

In conclusion.

NEVER PAY for a method, system or strategy to beat roulette because it is probable a fraud. If after all above you want to pay, please be sure it is a safe transaction. Ask for a live demonstration, Not video demonstration because videos can be manipulated.

Remember that before risk your money with a new system try the online and free roulette games to be sure it will work.

Here in ImproveYourBet we have our own roulette 3D. Try your systems there.

If you have been scammed, please report the site and the people who did it to you.

*Solution of a roulette-type ruin problem a correction to: a rule of thumb (not only) for gamblers by Andrzej S. Kozek.