Croupier or dealer is the person designated by the casino to conduct the game. He controls all activity during the game and can provide assistance to the players. In the roulette game, the croupier is the one responsible to spin the roulette and released the ball.

Is the croupier your friend? No!!!
Is the croupier your friend? No!!!

Normally, the croupier is a very kind and friendly person. However he or she is not your friend. The croupier works for the casino. And casino pays the croupier’s salary. A good trained croupier inspires confidence and incites gambling among the players (principally when they are in a losing streak).

It is not recommended to fraternize with the croupier. He or she is part of the casino and all bets that a gambler makes are against casino odds.

The point is that croupier’s activity is to maintain active bets and he or she does not care if players win or lost. Croupier is not your friend.

A funny and real fact: I was in a casino betting on roulette, then it happened to appeared 9 red colors, then 2 black and then 10 red colors. People claimed for fraud and croupier said:

I don’t care, I’m not betting

Next post about croupier is going to be about the croupier’s signature. Wait for it.

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