Here the main card of the UFC Fight nigth 88 Almeida Vs. Garbrandt is analyzed for predictions and forecast.

Almeida VS Garbrandt
UFC Fight night 88

With these posts you can easily prepare your UFC Fight night 88 bets. The event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada this Sunday. You will find probabilities, casino payouts and possible winners. Prepare your bets with us. Make money now!

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6) JOSHUA BURKMAN (28-12-0)(W-L-D) Vs. PAUL FELDER (11-2-0)(W-L-D)

Casino data:

Favorite: Felder 1.34

Underdog: Burkman 3

Our calculations:

Favorite: Burkman  1.77

Underdog: Felder 2.30

Our pick:  Burkman

5) JORGE MASVIDAL (29-10-0)(W-L-D) Vs. LORENZ LARKIN (16-5-0)(W-L-D)

Casino data:

Favorite: Larkin 1.65

Underdog: Masvidal 2.1

Our calculations:

Favorite: Masvidal 1.76

Underdog: Larkin 2.31

Our pick:  Masvidal.

4) CHRIS CAMOZZI (23-10-0)(W-L-D) Vs. VITOR MIRANDA (12-4-1)(W-L-D)

Casino data:

Favorite: Miranda 1.38

Underdog: Camozzi 2.8

Our calculations:

Favorite: Camozzi 1.81

Underdog: Miranda 2.23

Our pick:  Camozzi.

3) TAREC SAFFIEDINE (16-4-0)(W-L-D) Vs. RICK STORY (18-8-0)(W-L-D)

Casino data:

Favorite: Saffiedine 1.65

Underdog: Story 2.1

Our calculations:

Favorite: Saffiedine 1.92

Underdog: Story 2.09

Our pick:  Story.

2) RENAN BARAO (33-3-0)(W-L-D) Vs. JEREMY STEPHENS (24-12-0)(W-L-D)

Casino data:

Favorite: Barao 1.5

Underdog: Stephens 2.4

Our calculations:

Favorite: Barao 1.6

Underdog: Stephens 2.67

Our pick:  Barao.

1) THOMAS ALMEIDA (33-3-0)(W-L-D) Vs. CODY GARBRANDT (24-12-0)(W-L-D)


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